Christmas Eve’s morning

by ericakingston

Just the lamp on in the kitchen this morning. Lamps make everything cozy. Sometimes I eat lunch while the baby naps like this, to somehow extend my precious mornings further than the afternoon.

Today, right now, is Christmas Eve morning. Husband is at work, only until noon. Baby is scooting around the cupboards. I’m on my second cup. A half eaten bowl of mashed mango and oatmeal sits on our little kitchen table, along with an empty bottle and baby Motrin and gas drops. ‘Tis a typical morning, except that today gives the feeling of Christmas.

Christmas Eve has, perhaps, always been my favorite day of the year. When Christmas meant mom, dad, Lindsay and which ever side of the family’s year it was for us to spend the holiday with, Christmas Eve was spent in anticipation of opening gifts once we were home from church. Santa waited to stuff our stockings until Christmas morning.

Christmas Eve was always just a cozy time with people who made you feel comfortable. There was laughing and snuggling. And grandma’s homemade noodle soup.

This year it’s just Scott, Jack and me. And I’m excited to start our own traditions for our baby and future children. In my head, this Christmas will set the precedent for our next 50+. We’ll see.

We aren’t home. We are in Williston. I made my peace with that fact many months ago and am not sad about it at all. This afternoon Jack and I are going over to staff house three to cook and bake Christmas Eve dinner for those of the company who are here. I am so very thankful for these people. I am thankful to be with them. I am thankful for an open heart.

Yesterday it snowed the most perfect snow – slowly coming down all day, covering everything ever so lightly. We have a white, fluffy Christmas. Tonight I plan on reading “The Night Before Christmas” and Luke 2 to Scott and Jack. It’s just something I think needs to be done. A-Kingston-family-tradition-that-mama-is-going-to-force-every-year-if-you-like-it-or-not -because-I’m-the-mom kind of thing.

And then I’m going to wait until Jack is asleep to stuff our stockings, because that’s another thing moms do.

I’ve never woken up on Christmas morning and opened presents in my jammies while drinking coffee. I must say I am very excited. I’ve had the jams I’ll wear picked out for a few weeks now.

I hope that we make Christmas a big deal for our babies. I hope we form traditions that Jack will remember when he’s all grown up. I hope so much that they believe in Santa with all their heart. I pray that I will find a way to teach, every year, that all this fuss is for Jesus’ birthday and to honor Him in our giving.

And now, a poopy diaper is beckoning. Merry Christmas to all.