by ericakingston

Christmas morning was wonderful.

And I want to remember this.

Jack had a rough night. Waking up a lot, crying. I think he’s getting four new teeth at once, poor kid. So Scott got up with him at 6:30 a.m. Usually, I take those rare times and use them for some extra sleep. This morning, I slept 10 more minutes and was up. Too excited.

They were watching War Horse when I came into the living room. Santa had not stuffed the stockings due to a little boy whose bed is next to the creaky closet where the stocking presents resided. This santa did not want to chance waking up the sleeping bear. So they were stuffed 30 seconds before they were unstuffed. Eh.

Then I handed out the rest of the presents. Scott helped Jack. I took video and pictures. The living room was a wreck. Legos, blocks, magnetic letters all over the floor. Boxes covered the couch. The tree looked so naked. It was wonderful.

Oh, and Christmas Eve did not disappoint.  We had supper with the company, then came home. The TV was turned off, I read Luke 2 (while standing and bouncing the boy, no stopping me.) Then we sat down, Jack looked at the pictures while I read “A Night Before Christmas.” The little boy was wide awake, so we also read “A Christmas Carol” and “The Animal’s Christmas Eve.” Then we all went to bed.

Once Scott went to work this morning, Jack and I made cookies. Then we packed them up, put some milk in a to-go mug, ordered Chinese and took it all to the shop. Lovely Christmas dinner, if I do say so myself.

And now there is a turkey in the oven, smelling wonderfully. I am so very content and pleased and thankful for this Christmas of 2012. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight.

This guy recently found his tongue. We matched, so we did a little PhotoBooth shoot.

This guy recently found his tongue. We matched, so we did a little PhotoBooth shoot.