Mexico, so far

by ericakingston

Well, we have been here for a week now.

It’s hot, humid and thankfully pretty windy. I’m not a fan of North Dakota summers but this few-day summery vacation has been wonderful.

I’ve taken a liking to guacamole, am not terrified of the words “fish tacos” on the menu, scootered around all of Cozumel, parasailed and enjoy (very much) being called “senorita.” And experienced the best dang chicken tortilla soup in the world.

But the best is yet to come when we walk through our front door and get to, once again, love on our handsome baby. Ah, ma and pa love and miss you, little man.


Finally found a place in Cozumel that I could drink coconut water straight from the source.


A group of us parasailed in the Gulf. One of the most peaceful experiences.