Half in, half out

by ericakingston


Gross, I know. But you’ve spent (a little over) nine months in my belly and now nine months in the world. Although it seems like you’ve been here forever, it seems weird to think you weren’t. I can’t believe I spent this long pregnant.

But really, you’re a joy and a gremlin all at the same time. You are so affectionate and enjoy just crawling on us. You’re now pulling up on everything and crawling like a normal baby! I mean, normal? What’s that, no one wants to be normal. Especially not you. You’re a quirky one, that’s for sure.

The past few days you have been peeing standing up while in the bath tub. You just kind of squat a little and let if fly. It makes your mama laugh. In the past two months you have decided to venture up all of our stairs by yourself, refuse normal food besides rice crackers and spent your first (of many to come) time with grandma Kingston and great aunt Brenda. And you enjoy taking the back off of the remote, removing the batteries and slobbering on them.

Your sleeping has been getting gradually better – last night you only woke up once at 4 a.m. just wanting a little of a bottle and to get comfy on your stomach. You’ve been getting up at 5:30 a.m. That can quit any time you like, little boy. Just one more hour would be great.

My favorite times with you are when we go to the store – you are so good and bright eyed, full of wonderment. You reach out for the racks and cans, I give you boxes and bags of fruit and cans to keep you company. I also love so much putting you to sleep. Yes, I rock you to sleep for naps and for bedtime. I probably should be sleep training you, but I’m too selfish. I’m not giving up that time with you. If you don’t fall asleep while eating, you lay in the nook of my arm, talking and moaning to yourself. You put your hand up and touch and pull at my nose, you run your fingers along my necklace. My dad always put us girls to sleep. He sang us Harry Chapin and Larry Norman songs. Those are some of the most cherished memories I have. I don’t know what our bedtime routine will look like when you’re older, or what you and dad will do, but if you want me there I will be.

As for your stats… You’re in size three diapers and wearing 12-18 month clothes. You are 26 pounds and just shy of 30 inches and your head is 19 1/4 inches – over the 100th percentile in everything but height, which you are just under the 100th.

Anyway, baby. I love you and think you’re the smartest baby on the planet. Really, you’re smart. It amazes me all the time. You’re the best.

xoXoooxox, -mama