Tryin’ this

by ericakingston

So, I’d love to be this certain type of lady. The one that mends by holistic means and feeds her family only whole foods and shuns white sugar from her home.

But I love me some Diet Coke and a good ol’ meal of Hamburger Helper. And the readiness of Tylenol.

But I can’t help but read about how the woman and her family from The Elliot Homestead blog live. She makes bread weekly, kombucha, animal stock, clothe diapers her children and every other good and wonderful thing that is the ideal in my mind.

I’ll confess it, I’m a tad too lazy of a person to be like that. But she wrote once to just start with one thing. Start with one thing that you can make at home instead of buying from the store.

So I’m starting with bread. Good and healthy soaked whole grain bread. Because I love bread and all the wonderful carbs that comes with it. So I want my bread to be as healthy and whole as possible and I want my husband and baby to have that too. The first batch turned out well.



Next, I want to find a recipe for tortillas. We like tacos and I like wraps for lunch and I’d like to have a clean conscious about eating them.

And then I want to try to brew kombucha. I love it, especially the wonders it does for the digestive system and especially with chai. The SCOBY kind of freaks me out though.

I’m also working on cleaning with vinegar (and lavender, I can’d stand the smell vinegar leaves behind.) This has been a slow process, since I feel it necessary to clean out my other cleaning supplies first.

So, these will keep me busy for a while. It’s been fun learning new techniques. And thanks to the husband, I’m enjoying all of this while utilizing my shiny new KitchenAid mixer. It’s quite wonderful.