by ericakingston

Gosh, it’s been a while.

I love the days and weeks and months where I feel like I need to write all the time. But then there are times that are just dry.

A lot has happened. In a way. Grandma died. Peacefully, with three of her children by her side. Her funeral was happy and God-centered. Even in death I hope to be like her. I have a few things I need to write about her. Hopefully soon.

Life is in the process of continually telling our family that we are not in charge. Which is comforting and stressful and beautiful at the same time. I need to always remember that where ever we go or are stationed or live or love together that it’s ok, even though it may not be my wonderful ideal plan for us.

I also have plain ol’ fun things I want to write about to remember. Jack bear is just about 11 months old. He practically has grey baby hair. We are having a small birthday party for him at the farm, but I’m pretty excited. I’m making him a birthday hat and some pendant garland and have ordered him a giant smash cupcake. It shall be fun.

So, heres to hoping this writing streak stays a little while.

Until next time,