10 & 11 months of Jack

by ericakingston

My sweet baby,

I’ve been slacking on writing, and I apologize. The past few months you have come into your own little personality and it’s been so, so wonderful to watch.

You’re a little stinker most of the time. To heck with your toys, you’d rather play in the cupboards. You love pulling everything out, all the mixer attachments, bowls, measuring cups and pans, and then spin in a circle on your but while kicking and stepping on the mess you just made.

You also found the drawer where I keep the roll of garbage bags. And you pull them all out, and then kindly stuff them back in. And repeat, repeat, repeat.

Around month 10, we went through a yucky sickness. You somehow got RSV, a respiratory virus where you coughed and were wheezy. While you took naps, I strapped a nebulizer to your face to help you feel better. Other than that, you’ve been pretty healthy. You’re such a big boy. It’s a good thing that you’ll start walking soon because I can’t carry you for very long.

On that subject, you stand by yourself for short periods of time! Your dad and I are so proud of you when you do that 🙂 When dad is home he takes you by one hand (or arm) and walks you around. He says thats what you and I should be doing all day. You’re getting pretty good at it! It’s only a matter of time.

I think that my favorite thing you do right now is the way you try not to smile. You crinkle your nose and keep your lips squished together and I swear your eyes just sparkle. It melts my heart. I love you so much.

Some not so fun habits you’ve picked up are the way you scream/squeal when I take something away from you. It’s this nasty, evil squeak and you sound like a little snot. Which I know you’re not. So please quit doing that soon. I know I’m with you 100% of everyday, but already by scolding doesn’t hold a candle to daddy’s. When you’re getting crazy crawling on the couch and you reach up to grab the lamp, dad will say “heyyy” in his deep voice and it just sends you to tears. He’s a big scary teddy bear one, you better mind him little boy.

Speaking of dad, you are the apple of his eye. He loves you so, so much. When he comes in the door at night, you run/crawl to him and he says, “There’s my big boy!” The other day you climbed up his legs, onto the kitchen chair and then onto the table. You would have thought you just conquered Everest for how excited your papa was 🙂

This past week I’ve been getting things ready for your first birthday party. I’m so excited for it. Dad thinks I’m such a dork, but I love doing these little things.

Some other things you’ve been really enjoying lately are baths, throwing your magnetic letters in between the stove and the fridge, playing with grapefruits, crawling on mom and dad on the floor, throwing all the bath toys that are on the ledge into the tub, brushing your teeth and taking naps with mom.

Oh, and you now sleep through the night! We were having such troubles – you’d wake up 3-4 times a night and I’d end up sleeping with you on the couch or in our bed all night and neither of us were getting any sleep. Turns out that was all because we never (ever) let you cry. Even for a few minutes. So I read “The SleepEasy Solution” and we put our own twist on it, so now we have a bedtime routine (which I am really enjoying doing with you) and then you go to bed. A few whimpers lately, but you are out for the night. It’s been a God send. (More on that later.)

Anyway, I love you. We love you. When we first brought you home, it was like having a little stranger in the house. But now you are as much a part of this family as your dad or I. You bring me frustration (like when I have to practically sit on you to get your diaper all the way changed) but just one little sly smile from you washes all of that away.

Love you so much, buddy. Can’t believe you’re almost one.



P.S. You are about 26 pounds right now. You lost some weight while you were sick but you’re not looking to fragile 🙂