Sleeping baby

by ericakingston

We were at the point where I was sleeping on the couch all night with a restless baby who was sleeping even less than I was.

We didn’t know, we thought it was some phase Jack was going through. Teething maybe.

But it became plainly ridiculous.

So Scott suggested letting him cry. I found the book “Sleep Easy Solution.” We merged our ideas together and started as soon as we could.

Basically, we began to form a bedtime routine. And then while he was still awake (very important) we put him in his crib, said we loved him and goodnight and then walked away.

I about crawled out of my skin those first few nights. It’s amazing Scott didn’t come out of it with a black eye for refusing a mother to her crying baby.

But we endured and the very first night he slept almost all the way though. I think he woke up once around three and not again until 7 a.m. It was amazing what a night full of sleep did for me. I didn’t know how much I needed it.

It took about two-three weeks, the initial crying became less and less. Now, I put him in his bed and he turns onto his stomach and is fine. I think he looks forward to it now.

As for our bedtime routing, it’s not much. We usually take a bath around 6 p.m., so we have our jammies on since then. Then around 8 we can tell he starts getting tired (when we started it was 9, then 8:30 and now 8, which could be even earlier.) We brush his teeth, make a bottle and go lay down in Scott and my bed. (Jack doesn’t have a “room” here in Williston – we have this middle room that would be used as a dining room but we have our desk and book shelf, have made it into a playroom and have Jack’s pack n’ play tucked in the corner.)

And then, this has become one of my favorite times of the day. Our bedtime. Jack and I lay down in the dark, snuggling while he sucks on his bottle. I Google Harry Chapin song lyrics (because I just can’t remember them all) and I sing songs to him. I think it’s comforting to Jack to hear me singing, but deep down it’s more for my own soul. I get to lay there with my baby boy, with my eyes shut and at the same time be 10 years old with my dad singing the same songs to me. It’s a God gift how the pictures of those songs in my head are the exact same now as they were back then.