Happy birthday, baby

by ericakingston

Well, my baby is a whole year old.

We came down the stairs at 5:30 a.m. and he immediately saw the three huge helium balloons I tied to the coffee table. Then he noticed the four others in the dining room table. He didn’t know what to do. Boy, did that put some excitement in his sleepy pants!


One year brings challenges that one month couldn’t even fathom, but he is his own little person now and, let me tell you, it’s a wonderful little person he has grown to be.

I swear that in the past few days he has stopped being a baby and transformed before my eyes into this little toddler who shares his sippy with me and slurps noodles.

I could go on and on about how he has changed in a year and how I feel I added a whole new part to myself and Scott has formed this deep soft spot and our family… became a family. But I’ll just finish this big, chaotic year off with a letter to by baby.




My Jack,

In the past two weeks you have changed from a baby to a little boy. I swear. You walk all the time, share your cereal and drinks with me. You just look older.
Your favorite parts of the day are when daddy comes home and when you remember our dog is outside and you see him out the window.
You took your first steps on Easter weekend and I cheered and cheered for you. Now, you are letting go of every surface and taking steps everywhere. It is the coolest thing to watch. One year ago you were this curly little lump that could barely open his eyes.
I had a little panic attack this week thinking about weaning you from formula and your bottle. We rely on that bugger quite a bit. But today you’ve just drank water/juice or whole milk straight from the fridge in a sippy or straw cup. I was worried because you weren’t eating much, but today you have made it clear when you are hungry. A few minutes ago you snarfed down a whole banana. By yourself. I was laughing the whole time.
Oh, sweet baby, I can’t even imagine what this next year will bring for us. I am so excited to be outside with you once it warms up a bit. When I went to feed the dog, I found you crawling out the patio door and scooting on the deck. We’ll go play out there tomorrow.
Like I’ve said a million times, you frustrate me in a lot of ways. But your stinkin’ little smirk washes all that right away and the joyousness that is you is so heavy that I am conscious of it throughout the day.
I love you so much and am loving watching you grow and learn and become yourself. You bless me so incredibly much.