The only thing better than three is four

by ericakingston

Since we are now “Facebook official,” I can finally post this…

We are going to be adding a baby to this family!

So soon? Yes.

Scared? No, I cannot reason being scared of this kind of inevitable.

Nervous? A bit. Two under two may frazzle me some days. Or every day.

But I am overjoyed. We are overjoyed.

After the initial, selfish, quick-lived panic attack of getting fat again before I lost all of the baby weight Jack gave me, that is.

Baby is due Oct. 21, 2013. Nine days after my sister’s wedding of which I am maid of honor. I cannot wait until October. I am 14 weeks right now.

But in the meantime, I am going to enjoy being pregnant when I am not insanely uncomfortable. It’s a God gift to not remember the yucky parts of previously being with child.

It’s true, your body is a lot less firm the second time around and that belly protrudes out a lot faster. Which I don’t mind.

For some reason I was given an ultrasound at my first OB appointment. I’ll never turn down one of those. It was so beautiful to see that dark spot with the little white peanut shape up on that screen. Up until then, nothing really felt real. But then I saw Baby and this was really happening.

At my 12 week appointment the doctor couldn’t find the heartbeat with the Doppler deal so I was given a second ultrasound. Jack was with me and sat on the table, watching the nurse squirt jelly on my belly. I really liked sharing that with him. I could see Baby moving around in his/her little spasm ways. I didn’t get to hear the heartbeat, but it was measured at 150 beats per minute. Perfect.

We will be having this baby in Williston, which made me nervous right away but after visiting the clinic I feel good about our decision. The hospital is seven minutes from our house here and it has a nicey, small town feel to the staff.

The tired phase of pregnancy has come, and it came hard and challenged me while I ran around the house after Jack. I have been enormously blessed with my energy back, for the most part, and no sickness or discomforts. Praise You, Lord.

I am a blessed woman, of that there is no doubt. Pregnancy is scary and unknown and forces me to walk closer with my Savior for reliance.  Any opportunity of that, I am ever thankful.

Our sweet Baby,
I am already so happy to have you in my life, as little as you are now. No matter where we happen to be when you arrive, you are going to enter a home that is lively and warm and smells of coffee in the morning. And there are going to be people here who are going to love on you so much and so hard that you might feel smothered at times, but know it is just because we are so glad you are part of our family.
As the second child, there are benefits. All the tricks and kinks we had to figure out with your brother, will be second nature with you. I am used to being sleep deprived and will enjoy a little more the multiple nightly wake-ups you’re ready to spring on me. We already have all the toys.
When I think of you now, I think of you, Jack and I in the playroom. Jack is playing and I’m helping him with puzzles and you are laying in a heap of blankets sleeping away on the floor with us. Jack goes to kiss you every once in a while and the three of us snuggle and I teach your brother what a nose is and where your ears are.
Thinking of you here with us gives me a feeling of wholeness. As a mother, as a family. For Jack and for you. I cannot begin to tell you how warm and cozy and comforting that makes my heart. Maybe you will be the final piece. Maybe there will need to be more.
We love you already, Baby. Daddy likes my tummy, Jack kicks at you during diaper changes. I am always conscious of you.