Pregnancy #2: 15 weeks

by ericakingston


Week 15 of pregnancy no. two. All photos by Elizabeth Street Photography.

How far along: 15 weeks

Jack is: 12 months old! Just turned one April 18. My babies will be one and a half years apart.

Total weight gain: Around three pounds. I’m keeping a looser track on my weight this time. No need to fret about things like that during this time.

Maternity clothes: Yes please. Just pants though. I whipped them out pretty early. They might stay around longer too 🙂

Sleep: Good. And I’m savoring these nights very much. Especially while Jack sleeps pretty well. Scott and I are old people and go to bed pretty early.

Best moment this week: Jack and I took the train from Williston to Fargo for the weekend. We met Scott’s mom and she took Jack to a hotel for a few nights while I hung out with my sister and mama 🙂

What I miss: I’m pretty darn content right now. I’m just tired. But I have been for the past 12 months of my life.

Movement: I swear I felt movement from about 12 weeks. But I’m probably lying. I think I feel a few swooshes here and there, but nothing too prominent yet.

Food cravings: Just food in general. I eat every meal and snack that Jack has. It’s nice to have smaller meals and more snacks this time around. I have also stocked up on lots of cereal and have been absolutely loving bagels with cream cheese.

Making me queasy: Nothing. My queasiness stopped around 12 weeks I think. I get bouts of it here and there but nothing too bad.

Starting to show: Yep. I feel like my tummy showed up earlier this time but looking back and my last pregnancy photos, it’s not a lot different.

Gender: Will know in June! Can’t wait.

Happy or moody: Pretty happy for the most part. I cry so easily though. We watched Looper this weekend and it has that boy who is evil or whatever he is and it just made me so sad! I cried.

Things I’ve been experiencing this week: The heartburn has started. God help us all.
I tend to forget I’m pregnant sometimes. Not forget like I drink booze and drink large amounts of caffeine, but Jack demands so much of my time and attention that I don’t think (obsess) as much over this pregnancy as before. Which is nice. The time has been going faster and I’m not as worried. I don’t read every single thing online. Which no one should. Ever. While they are pregnant.

What I’m looking forward to: Getting more of a tummy 🙂 And for sure finding out if Baby is a girl or boy.

What I’m nervous about: Right now – my baby’s nap times not matching up when I have two. Mama needs a break sometimes.

Size of baby: Apple I believe. Four inches long.

Link to 15 weeks pregnant with Jack


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