The forwards of it

by ericakingston

Jack and I made a stop at the park today. He held mama’s hand for a while and then just took off. He was walking from slide to slide on the high crosswalks, climbing stairs, walking straight off slides (almost.) I know every other mom there was saying, “That’s her first kid.” I was hovering like no ones business.

Yesterday the little boy helped me plant veggies. And ate dirt.

Now he’s walking in and out of the kitchen to the deck and smooshing his face against the screen and saying “pup” while pointing at our dog.

He’s a boy. A toddler. He still has chubby baby legs and toes, but summer will surely take those. I love this little person that accompanies me all day, but it hurt my heart a little (and made me a bit proud) to see him reach and want the other children at the playground. Ahh, the heartbreaks of motherhood. I don’t need to have them justified.