My second Mother’s Day

by ericakingston


The Kingston family, Mother’s Day 2013. Williston, N.D.

It’s a sweet thing, being a mom.

There is a whole day dedicated to what you do. It’s like an extra birthday.

This past year I have identified as a mother more than anything else (besides being a wife.) Or at least learned what being a mom means and began growing into the ever-changing role. (Link to last year’s Mother’s Day post.)

It has been a challenging year. With joys and embraces that swelled and made my heart overflow. But motherhood is hard. Everyday. Some ladies make it seem effortless and seamless. Is it really like that for anyone? It sure itsn’t for me. Momming is the most demanding, at times frustrating, never ending job I have ever done in my life. But it is also a job that I have never once wanted to quit. It is my biggest source of pride and that one thing I just know I was made to do. I am so grateful God let me be Jack’s mom.

This weekend was so wonderful. My mom and sister came on Friday. Two of my absolute favorite people.

We went shopping around town Saturday, had lunch, shopped more.

When we came back home, a beautiful bouquet of purple roses and lilies were on the dining room table. Hottie Scottie did good.

I walked over to them and noticed something out of place on the kitchen table. A dozen cala lilies.

My sister stood there smiling and said, “There is more.”

On the island was a dozen of the biggest, classiest pink roses you have ever seen.

Three arrangements, when I barely expected one. And each one picked out as favorites by my sweet husband himself.

Oh, I was and am one happy lady.

Sunday morning we woke up and got ready for church. We all drove together and sat in the middle, close to the front. Very out of the ordinary for us.

We had decided to dedicate Jack. About 10 other children were being dedicated at the middle service. Our family went first.

We vowed to show Jesus through our words and actions and talk about God in our home. To pray for Jack and look to God when we don’t know what we are doing. I held Scott’s hand as the pastor prayed for Jack.

Those moments quickly became some of the best of my life.

I have never been so proud of our family.

This day was just sweet. It was a nice break from the mundaneness of our everyday routine.

I was able to be with my mom and watch here with my baby and see how that love just flows right through us.

I prayed with my husband over the child we made.

I laughed and snuggled and joked with my sister.

I kissed and peek-a-booed and brushed my baby’s teeth before bed.

I ordered Chinese and ate a million crab rangoons.

There is not much more I could ask for. Except… Dad, I miss you on days like these.

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone out there. I hope you had a wonderful day.

And you, there, I hope you called your mom. She won’t be too mad if you call her a day late. Just be sure to call.









Didn’t enjoy mom’s kisses…


But leaned in and gave sweet, open mouthed kisses to grandma 🙂


Little boy is getting eight teeth in at once and had a fever Saturday night. He sucked down Tylenol and snuggled up nice on the couch with Grammy Shelly. He really loves her.


At New Hope Church, pastor Chris prays for Jack as we dedicated to raising him knowing the Lord.


This just sums up our weekend and all our picture taking tries 🙂 Love you guys!