Pregnancy #2: 17 weeks

by ericakingston


Photos courtesy of Elizabeth Street Photography

How far along: 17 weeks

Total weight gain: 6-8 lbs. Jack started screaming during my weigh-in at the doctor’s.

Maternity clothes: All pants. Some shirts. Love me some yoga pants and pajama bottoms.

Sleep: Very good. Besides child numero uno waking up at 4:45 to 5:30 a.m. every morning the past three weeks. Eight, I repeat EIGHT teeth are coming in that boys tiny mouth. And a he has had a fever 😦

Best moment this week: Jack started kissing! Not me or Scott, but grandma Shelly!! It’s adorable.

My mom and sister came to Williston this weekend for Mother’s Day. We shopped and ate and played cards and hot tubbed it up.

On Saturday we came back to the house and I saw a big vase of purple assorted roses and lilies on the dining room table. Then saw a bouquet of calla lilies on the kitchen table. And then a dozen pink roses on the island. It was like an exciting maze of wonderfullness that my sweet husband picked out himself 🙂 VERY exciting for this mama!

And we had a family milestone – Jack was dedicated at the New Hope Wesleyan Church. Scott and I promised to raise our child to love and fear the Lord. I cried. It may have been one of my favorite life moments.

What I miss: I’m doing pretty good. I guess I miss holding Jack without him hurting my belly. It’s getting hard. We have been practicing walking  a lot.

Movement: A little! Just a few bumps here and there. Which is different from last time – I felt Jack readily at 16 weeks. We have a shy one.

Food cravings: Does spoonfuls of rainbow chip frosting after dinner count?

Making me queasy:  Scott gave me his sickness the past few weeks. It was congestion, coughing and nasty terrible headaches. I finally have been feeling better and am reminded to be thankful for my health. I’ve been eating normally since feeling better, I was a little peckish for a while.

Starting to show: Yes. But it’s a little flabbier than last time. I blame Jack. And my love for carbs. So I just look chubby still at times.

Gender: Our ultrasound is on June 10!!!!! I canot wait.

Happy or moody: Happy

Things I’ve been experiencing lately: Heartburn and a slight loss of breath at times. Maybe I’m carrying higher this time?

What I’m looking forward to: Ultrasound. Whoot whooooot!!!

What I’m nervous about: Wrangling a newborn and a 1.5 year old around the grocery store in five months.

Days until due date: Baby will be here Oct. 15 or 16. Why, here.  156-157 days. (That’s a little exciting 😉 )

Size of baby: onion

Link to 16 weeks pregnant with Jack

Link to 17 weeks pregnant with Jack