Pregnancy #2: 20 weeks

by ericakingston


Five months down. This pregnancy has gone by 50x faster. Not complaining.

photoHow far along: 20 weeks, 5 days

Total weight gain: Don’t even have a guess… I’ll find out Monday at my appointment.

Maternity clothes: Yes. With Jack, all I wanted were the maternity pants and leggings with the full belly panel. It was nice security. This time, I like having my belly free. I like loose tank tops and low waisted sweatpants. It’s sloppy, but when we are home most of the day, it works.

Sleep: Extraordinarily well. In the morning when I get 15 minutes of sleep after putting Jack back down at 5:30, I have wild, crazy dreams. The other night, Scott said he took around 10 phone calls during the night for work. I didn’t wake up once.

Best moment this week: We celebrated Scott’s 27th birthday on Monday. I love birthdays. Baby has been moving around a lot more this week. It makes me actually feel pregnant and I spend a lot of the day dreaming about what life will be like with two kids. Oh, and I taught Jack (for about 3 minutes) how to kick a ball and he spent the afternoon kicking it all around the yard. Smart cookie, we have.

What I miss: Life without heartburn.

Movement: A lot this past week!!!

Food cravings: Peanut butter sandwiches.

Making me queasy: Heartburn, literally. It was so bad one night I went to the bathroom to puke. This kid better have a crazy head of baby hair.

Starting to show: I think about two days ago by belly grew twice its size. I am sore from what feels like the quick weight.

Gender: Our ultrasound is on Monday!!!!! I cannot wait to see Baby and praying he/she cooperates so we can find out. We have a few names that we both agreed on, so I’m really excited to put a name to this babe. With Jack, we found out he was a boy and named him on the way home from the clinic 🙂

Happy or moody: Happy.

Things I’ve been experiencing lately: Soreness and heartburn. Jack pushing on my belly. Middle of the night peeing has begun. Forgot how annoying that was.

What I’m looking forward to: ULTRASOUND!!!

What I’m nervous about: Just anxious about finding out the little gremlin or gremlina’s gender 😉

Size of baby: Cantelope

Link to 20 weeks pregnant with Jack




This happened while we were watching Vines yesterday morning. That peaceful feeling when you feel your child calm and sink into your neck cannot be matched.