Frogs and snails or sugar and spice?

by ericakingston


Monday finally came around and the day went so fast and now here I am, Wednesday night. As if I had never longed for a day before, and it all went on.

I packed Jack up, Scott met us in the driveway and we drove to the clinic. “Erica?” And we walked through the door.

I laid down, with my two men in their baseball caps on a chair beside me. Pulled my shirt up and my pant waist down and there was my baby, up on the black and white screen.

After looking at various things like the spine and kidneys and bladder, that I will admit I had no idea what I was seeing, the ultrasound technician moved on. I still had no idea what we were looking at  when Scott said:

“It’s a boy.”

“I think daddy is right.”

And sure enough, there was a clear shot of little boy parts. I had known all along, I think.

And just like that, our baby was no longer an ambiguous “it,” but a “he.”

I am going to be covered in frogs, snails and puppy dog tails.

I am going to be outnumbered 3:1 as I serve the men of my house. I am going to be a mama to two little rambunctious, dirty finger-nailed boys.

I am so happy I could cry.

In time, I will forever be towered over by my boys.

My boys.

My boys who will always hate that their mom calls them “baby” even after they clearly are not.

And this baby boy inside me is going to have a daddy who will stop at nothing to protect him and a big brother in Jack who will teach him to fight for himself and blaze the path for him. And a mom who will never for a second stop worrying about him and praying for him.

The technician found a good view of the little guy’s face and transposed it into a 3D image. It was emotional. Before my eyes, my baby went from a x-ray to a formable tiny face.

“That’s a good shot,” she said. “You can just tell he has personality.”

And it looks like he does. This wasn’t just a baby, this wasn’t Jack. This was my second-born baby boy. That face is what will make us a family of four.

I could see his legs were stretched straight out and I could feel the thump on my side. I saw his tongue move in and out of his little tiny mouth. I saw his fists move up and away from his face.

Before we hit the first stop light, we had him named. He now has his own identity in my mind and I cannot stop thinking about him. I cannot stop talking to Jack about his brother.

So there you have it. Papa bear, mama bear and their boys. I cannot fathom the blessings the Lord has given me.

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