Pregnancy #2: 27 weeks

by ericakingston


Excuse the slightly terrible picture. But we have a little less than three months to go! Things are pickin’ up ’round here.

How far along: 27 weeks today

Total weight gain: I believe around 17 lbs.

Maternity clothes: Yes. If it’s a day at home, I’m in sweats and a loose shirt. Restriction is not my friend.

Sleep: Pretty decent for the most part. I can’t complain. The strange dreams have started again. And boy, are they bizarre.

Best moment this week: We all went to the state fair 🙂 It was exhausting but so, so fun.

What I miss: Sitting down without losing my breath.

Movement: Lots 🙂

Food cravings: Sweets in the evening. (i.e a spoon full of rainbow chip frosting)

Making me queasy: Nothing

Starting to show: Yeah, mama

Gender: Boy!

Happy or moody: Pretty darn contented.

Things I’ve been experiencing this lately: Shortness of breath, crazy dreams, pressure from the belly weight, beginning doctor appointments every two weeks.

What I’m looking forward to: We have another ultrasound at my 28 week appointment 🙂 Pretty pumped for that. (Also the glucose test… not looking forward to that.)

What I’m nervous about: I’ve been thinking about what it’ll really be like with two kids and I just really hope that I can love them equally. I don’t know if I love any two people in my life right now equally and the thought of that concept freaks me out. I know they will be two different people who have different strengths and weaknesses, but I want to do right by them. And I want to do right by my husband. There is a reason I’ve never juggled three men at the same time before 😉 It will come, I know. A million and five parents have done this before, but really, that’s of little comfort. No mama has ever had my two boys before or my husband before. We are beginning a new season (they seem to change so quickly in this stage of our lives.) I pray for strength to know what to do and understanding to cast all of my cares in Him.