16 months of Jack

by ericakingston


It’s almost time to stop all of this “months” nonsense and start calling him a one and a half year old.

This age is definitely my favorite. It is challenging beyond belief with it’s mood swings and temper tantrums and the fact that I am too large to hold him like I would like to at times (that, doubled with the fact that he is a big kid.) But we can actually communicate now. And I love having a little give and take in my day. Most days, he is just a joy. We have a schedule down that works so, so well for both of us.


Things have started to thin out around here! He is now 25 pounds. It’s like I have a normal sized kid! He actually may be less than that right now because he was sick – a good week without eating a whole lot.


Size 4 Pampers, 5 in Huggies Nighttimes (those on recommendation from a friend and they are amazing. Jack pees sooooo much (and also drinks a ton of water throughout the day) and these babies soak it uuuuup.)


There is a ton of it! At the end of July, I took him in for his first hair cut – just cutting the back long weird part and blending in the rest. He has some really long parts on the top and I just love it.


He has a pair of shorts that fit well that are 12 months. First time he has worn smaller than his age! This probably sounds so dumb to some of you who had little tiny girls who are tall and skinny, but this is so strange for us! He wears usually 12-18 months in bottoms, but 2t for shirts. He has a very long torso. I cannot buy pajama sets for him because the pants are way too big when the tops fit, so I have been buying the most adorable leggings off Etsy and Brickyard Buffalo for bottoms and then have him wear plain long sleeved cotton tops. I love him in jammies.

New things happening

Well, a lot has happened since my last post (4 months ago, sorry about that).

He is now running. Everywhere.

He kisses and hugs on command.

Waves goodbye to everyone. Especially all the white trucks (like daddy’s) that drive by our street.

Loves his daddy like its no ones business. It is so amazing to watch the bond that has formed there. When Scott is home, Jack keeps one eye on him at all times. He has to be following him outside, sits on his lap for supper, drives his cars along Scott’s legs. Even when we go someplace and Scott isn’t there, Jack either attaches to me (or my mom) or to a guy. Usually, I kid you not, a tall guy who probably feels a lot like daddy does. I hope this means he will be a mans man.

He also loves his mama. I get countless kisses and hugs throughout the day. When it is feeding or bedtime, no one will do but mama. When he was sick, no one else mattered but me. And I’m ok with all of that. I am glad to be needed and to have proven to him that I provide.

Jack got his first ATV this month. A baby 4-wheeler. Sometimes it gives me heart attacks thinking of him one day driving it on his own. But for now, him and I go on at least 2 rides a day around the neighborhood. When we are outside, he climbs on it and plays on the seats. He is in love.

He had his first bad reaction to a vaccine. He got his chickenpox vaccine and a week later (right after recovering from a nasty fever) he caught the faux-chicken pox (since the vaccine is a live virus and they are basically infecting you with chickenpox, one can get a chickenpox-looking rash.) He had them all over his back and stomach and diaper area and some on is face. Poor kid.

Climbing. Oh my gosh can this kid climb. Anything. The fridge, his highchair, the 4-wheeler, the pickup, the stair banister, baby gates, couches, kitchen chairs, kitchen tables.

Took his first sauna! My aunt Sheila lit hers up and offered to take the kids in. He did good and seemed to enjoy it (for being sick.)


Here is a little gem. He just learned to pick his nose. He thinks its hilarious.

He likes

Blueberries, any sort of car or truck (he slept with his car last night, would NOT let it go), stuffed animals, shoes, hats, making car noises while driving the cars around the couches and floor, fruit pouches, pizza, slushes (we are so, very health conscious over here as you can tell) and nooks (its a terrible habit that I am trying to just wait out… any tips on breaking that??)

He does not like

Having his diaper changed, even though it has happened a million and five times. Waiting… patience is going to be a hard lesson for this boy to learn.

Sweet baby,
Your mama loves you so much. I don’t think anything else in the world has ever giving me as much complete contentness as when you grab my face with both your little hands and kiss my lips.  You are a little lover with this growly, manly exterior (just like your daddy, (a big reason why I fell in love with him)). All you need most days is my attention and I am so proud how you have humbled me and continue to do so.
You are so, incredibly smart that it takes me aback. I am amazed at what you understand. It’s time for me to watch what I do carefully, because you see everything. You continue to make me better.
I love getting up when I hear you cry out, going into your room and picking you up, you greeting me with an immediate hug and then falling back asleep on the chair hugging you tightly, your little hand running all over my face lightly. And when you wake up from a nap and we stay in bed watching puppy Vines 🙂
You are this source of pride and joy that I didn’t know ever existed. I couldn’t love anything more than I love you right now.