Pregnancy #2: 35 weeks

by ericakingston

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How far along: 35 weeks today (Only 29 days to go… EXCITING!)

Total weight gain: 30 pounds. So unless I gain 10 pounds in the next month (Lord, help me) , I’ll have gained less this time around. (I was up right around 40 last time. And lost 30 by the time I left the hospital. That still amazes me.)

Maternity clothes: I am down to about 4 tank tops (thankful for cooler weather that is finally here) and three pairs of yoga pants. My maternity jeans fall down and my leggings are just unflattering. My belly is large, people.

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Sleep: I actually cannot complain. I have found a system for one of my blankets to wrap in between my legs, then tuck under my belly and then snuggle in my arms. I just toss and turn every hour or so and get up to go to the bathroom once. It isn’t too bad of a system.

Best moment this week: Umm, I’d say all the movement is pretty great. Painful, yes. In my ribs and right under my breast bone. A lot of the time I have to push back on the little guy just so he can’t poke so hard. But I enjoy the interaction and try to guess which limb is jabbing me 🙂

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I also had an ultrasound again this past week. Perks of having an abnormally large belly, I guess. The whole time he was practicing breathing 🙂 She held the wand on his ribs for a while and we just watched them go in and out. I also went home with two new 3D pictures of the little guy. Call me crazy, but I think he resembles Jack. My mom said the same thing. I cannot wait to meet him. C a n n o t  |  w a i t.  I just want to examine his toes and eyes and lips. With Jack, I remember watching, from the day he was born, as his eye lashes grew. They grew daily. It was so amazing to me. I am so blessed that I get to watch my second baby’s lashes.

What I miss: I’m really getting sick of my rotation of tops and pants. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some yoga pants. But I can’t wait to wear a good pair of jeans again. Or leggings. Or long-sleeved tops and scarves and a hat. (That may be my anti-summer rant…)

Movement: A ton.

Food cravings: Sweets, I would say.

Making me queasy: I have been getting nauseous lately by the littlest smells. Coffee really does it for me, which makes me sad. I really can’t wait to enjoy that again.

Starting to show: Is that a joke?

Gender: Boy!

Happy or moody: Pretty happy. I’m trying to soak in all my Jack/mama time, as well as husband/wife time in the evenings right now.

Things I’ve been experiencing this lately: Sitting in a car is getting painful. I’m stuffy all the time. My feet are starting to swell good. I have been wearing my wedding ring less and less because it’s tight.

OH. And THIS. This past week I discovered a bunch of tiny, little, squiggly stretch marks around my popped-out belly button. (My belly button popped pretty early this time and is now protruding like no ones business.) But yes, there are lots of stretch marks there. They are not dark or too terrible and I am really not too mad about it. It was just a shocking discovery.

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What I’m looking forward to: October 15th. That’s the date that the c-section was scheduled 🙂 It’s so bizarre to me. The surgery is scheduled from 7-8:30 a.m. By 8:30 that morning, we will have our baby. After all of the things that happened last time, that just boggles my mind. I am a little scared. I am having surgery. But I trust my doctor. And am so happy to be having our baby in Williston this time. I am also so very grateful for the peace I have been feeling about how this baby’s “birth” is going to go.

Oh, I’m also a little excited for Oct. 12, too. My sister gets married that day!!!! It is going to be beautiful. And all our family will be around. And she’s going to be breathtaking.

What I’m nervous for: Having a newborn in the house again. Haha, that sounds dumb because I am so, so excited about that too. But the first few weeks with Jack were harder than I had expected. And I had some postpartum blues. This time, I’m really trying to ready my mind instead of ready the physical things. I am reading more and trying to make the things that were difficult last time, not be so difficult. But there are still going to be midnight feedings. And I love my sleep 🙂 Praying for understanding and humbleness.

Size of baby: Right now, he is actually right around 6 lbs! His estimated birth weight is 8lbs 7oz. Another big boy!