The best 10 minutes of my days

by ericakingston

The best 10 minutes of my days are split up in five minute intervals. And I have come to look so much forward to them each and every day. I hope I never forget this season of our lives. With the fall peaking, trying to show it’s full beautiful face and my baby  becoming a little boy and my sweet anticipation of a new tiny body in our house, this may be one of the most adored times of my life yet. 

Jack has discovered the wonderful-ness of sleeping in the past few days (knock on wood.) I, also, took advantage and slept in one morning, but have been getting up to having some morning time to myself. Heart-filling music turned on, coffee made up with thick, delicious creamer. Books, Bibles, blankets.  It is still dark outside here and I only wish I had woken up earlier to soak more in. 

But the first five minute section that I am in love with lately is right after I bring Jack down the stairs in the morning. He has usually grabbed, and is hugging, a stuffed buffalo or bear. His nook is in his mouth, his hair is a mess and he has those sleepy morning eyes.

I set him down on the chair in the living room and give him his water bottle. Then I cover us both up with a blanket and I snuggle into the pillows. He pushes his little warm body into my shoulder and neck and we sit still and quiet until that water bottle is empty.

It only lasts a short time. But they are some of the sweetest moments I have ever experienced. 

photo (8)

The other five minutes comes later in the afternoon. Jack has been taking one nap a day. For about an hour to an hour and a half. And I have been taking that nap with him. Partly because I want to enjoy that kind of closeness with him because I know it won’t always be like this. And partly because the days exhaust me lately. 

We go upstairs, get snuggled into Scott and my bed, drink some warm milk and then turn on a movie on Netflix on my phone. The past few days it’s been The Prince of Egypt. The movie only lasts a few minutes before the little man is zonked out. But not before he head dives into my arm pit, does this twist and ends up a perfect little spoon into my big bell and chest. He gets in there perfectly every time. 

I know he has fallen asleep when his hands become still. Usually resting on my arm or his cheeks. The next five minutes are the other best part of my day. 

My little boy looks like a baby all over again. He is still and peaceful and as close to me as he can be. The room is dark and quiet, my phone is on silent and away, and no person or any thing needs my attention. All that needs to be done next is for me to shut my eyes and drift off to sleep. It is all at a stand still. 

This time only lasts a few minutes as well but I find I am missing when we don’t get that time together during the day. 

This season of my life is about to change. And I am welcoming of what is to come. I cannot wait to share my mornings with my brand new baby son. But I am also trying my hardest to slow the days down. My bathroom is not clean. My floors need to be scrubbed. But last night my son went to bed absolutely worn out because we were wrestling and laughing on the floor for an hour. 

When I need to get my head out of my butt and put down the things I think I need to be doing, my mind always wonders off to my dad. The memories I have of him are the ones when he put his own work aside and gave my sister and I his time. Driving around the country, playing baseball, sitting at the kitchen table at night with a board game. Everyone who knew him knew those were the times he lived for. The time he had with his girl. 

I doubt Jack will remember these 10 minutes of our days that pull at my heart strings. He is too little. But as we grow and change to the next season, so will our 10 minutes. I pray that I will write them down so that I will always remember. I pray that when I am gone from this world, I will be remembered by how I loved my husband and my boys and gave of myself selflessly.