One month of James

by ericakingston

James 1 month

James Michael Kingston
November 15, 2013

Yesterday you, my little man, were one whole month old. 

Your birth seems so long ago and it’s hard to think of my days without you now. I cannot tell you how much you boys and your dad light up my life. I am in my bliss. I have never loved a season of life as much as I do right now. I do not deserve any of you and I will forever praise God for each and every day that I get to be with you guys.

So, it has been a month. A whole month that seems like it has been a whole year or decade. In a great and wonderful way. You are this great baby. If you are not sleeping, you’re in my arms or laying on the floor acting as the road for Jack’s trucks and cars.

1 week

One week


You are roughly 10 pounds. You were 8 lbs 4 ounces when you were born and 7 lbs 8 ounces when we took you home. At your two week checkup you had almost gained your birthweight and were 8 lbs 2.5 ounces. At your three week appointment you were 9 lbs 9 ounces.

2 weeks

Two weeks

Diapers and clothes:

I have graduated you onto size one diapers. Newborns fit a tad snug and ones are a bit big. I have also switched most of your clothes to 0-3 months. You swim in some of them, but you stretch newborns to the max. I have started buying a few Christmas pieces for you boys and I very much enjoy it 🙂 You are both going to have matching ugly sweaters and you’re going to look adorable.
IMG_42542.5 weeks

This month’s firsts:

Well, everything obviously. But you took a bottle of breast milk while your dad and I were out deer hunting. Aunty Lindsay gave it to you and said you took it easily. Yesterday I gave in and gave you two ounces of formula because you seemed to be starving after you had sucked me dry. That won’t be happening often.

Your first outing was to Albertsons for groceries with your dad, brother and I. It was a tad hectic. I then took both of you boys to Walmart by myself and it went so smoothly! I was very proud of myself. You sleep the whole time.

Your first trip was to Gackle to the farm on deer opening weekend.

You puked A LOT straight down my shirt tonight. Good aim, kiddo.

This past week you have been holding your head really well.

You got your first battle wound in the battle of the brothers – Jack whipped a truck straight at your head. You only cried for a short time and brother bear got a time out and his truck taken away.


A lot of dark brown hair. A tad curly on top.

You don’t sleep very well at night, but it doesn’t bother me. You’re up every 2-3 hours, eat a little and fall right back asleep. You and I have been sleeping in your room in the recliner, it’s just easier. Most of the night you sleep on me because I fall asleep before you’re done eating. I really enjoy our nights, even though there isn’t as much sleep as I would like. I know this part won’t last very long.

3 weeks

Three weeks

Your dad gave you your nickname when you were about two weeks old. We now call you “Jammer” more than your actual name. I call you “Rammer Jam” a lot, along with various other dorky rhyming names.

4 weeks

Four weeks. Taking a snooze on his tummy.

It’s been a really great month.