What I’m loving right now

by ericakingston

I am absolutely loving:

  • The multiple trips to the Christmas tree Jack takes each day to touch different ornaments. And then finds the deer ornament and looks to me and says, “dee!”
  • My mornings with Jack while James is still sleeping
  • My nights with James after Jack goes to bed
  • How great James eats and goes back to bed after a feeding in the middle of the night
  • How warm our bed is when I’m done feeding the baby and my husbands arm reaching out to welcome me back in
  • Parenthood. The show. And my life
  • Coffee and creamer
  • How warm the house feels after being outside
  • The way Jack freely gives James kisses
  • The quick pitter patter of a running toddler when he hears the door open and knows it’s daddy
  • The light on Scott’s face when he sees Jack running to him and the “There’s my baby boy!”
  • Jack saying “no” for snow and “brrr” when he feels the cold air of outside
  • A freezer full of breast milk. I am oh-so-proud of it
  • Setting up our Elf on the Shelf at night
  • How cozy the christmas trees make our house feel
  • Finally feeling a sense of belonging here
  • Lavender chapstick
  • Scott

I want to remember some of these small things in 10 years. And in 20 years. This holiday season will never be the same as it is this year with two little boys. I cannot even write how much I love it.