Two months of James

by ericakingston


James Michael Kingston
December 15, 2013

weight & height:
You are a whopping 13 pounds 4 ounces and 24 inches long. You’re still my little, tiny man. Mama is in no hurry for you to grow up, sweety, as no mamas are. You and your brother are enough to make my heart overflow, but if you two are the only babies I will ever have (you will be enough), I need to constantly remind myself to slow down and live. I know that these are the days I longed for through high school and college, and I will long for them again  when our house is empty and you boys have grown. You give me a sense of completeness, James. I am not wanting.

diapers & clothes
Size 1 Pampers. But with you, lucky man, we are attempting clothe. At least when we are at home. I like the idea and the comfort for you. Your brother drinks too much water and pees WAY too much (an no longer has “baby poop,” gross) for him to be in cloth. I ordered a few different kinds, so you will be in them regularly starting this week. We’ll see how it all goes.


Your great grandma Joanne showing you the Christmas lights.

this month’s firsts:
You are smiling!! This is the very best thing in the entire world. You have a handsome smirk and a great dimple. You’re great at tummy time and are holding your head wonderfully. You’re pushing up with your legs like a pro and become very excited when doing so. Jack is very good to you, but this month you two have had a few scuffles (unintentionally). Jack stepped on your foot with his boot and kicked you (while he himself toppled off the couch.) You cried both times quite loudly and your brother felt so bad that he began wailing too.


You love attention and smile at anyone who catches your eye. You like being propped up, sitting on the couch like a big boy but spit up a lot while doing so.

You’re a good sleeper for the most part. We get up 2 times a night and you eat and go right back to sleep (in your rock n’ play in your room). You don’t sleep as much during the day but still fall asleep almost every time I put you in the car. Which was good on our road trip this last month to get the vehicle fixed. We spent time with aunt Lindsay and uncle Brandon as well as our other Stroh family, Metzs, grandma Shelly and even Jackie. 



Your doctor said you were in perfect health. You’re in the 75 percentile for weight and height and 50% for your head. Almost ever since your umbilical cord fell off, your belly button looked like an “outie,” only a little more out than an outie should be. Apparently your have a slight umbilical hernia, which the doctor assured me doesn’t hurt or harm you. You just have a slightly funny belly button that sticks out about half an inch. Your aunt loves to poke at it 🙂 But it can stay like that anywhere from a year to 6 years. If it doesn’t go back to normal, we can get you a belly button tuck to make it look “normal.” We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

I think you’re just perfect, Jammer. I love your full head of hair and your wonderfully curly eye lashes and almond-shaped eyes. And I love that God chose me to be forever your mama.