3 & 4 months of James

by ericakingston


height & weight
26 inches and 16 pounds 12 ounces

diapers & clothes
We just moved you up to size three diapers. It seems so strange to me because Jack is in fours. We are running out of clothes here for you. In jammies and anything that is a one piece, you’re wearing six month things. But you’re relatively thin (compared to your brother at this age) so three month pants still fit well. I need to bring the 6-12 month boxes here from Washburn.

these month’s firsts
You started rolling from your stomach to your back very early in your third month. And you roll onto your side from your back but haven’t quite made it all the way to your tummy. You have started to giggle and laugh and you always keep your eye on me whenever someone else holds you. Makes me feel like the best mama in the world.
Your hands have started to cooperate with your little mind and you’re enjoying rattles and clothe books. You like to sit up on the couch while your brother rolls his trucks over you legs and shakes toys in your face. You reserve a certain smile and most of your stares for Jack and it’s a strange notion knowing that you two will influence each other in such dramatic ways.

you like
Your brother. And your mama. Daddy get smiles but since you only see him for about an hour a day you’re a little reserved around his deep voice. You love tickles and smooches.

you don’t like
When you can’t get your rattle all the way into your mouth. You pitch a fit. You also aren’t a fan of your car seat yet, but still fall asleep quickly one we are in the car for a while. Getting your shots. The initial shots aren’t the problem – this time the day after was horrendous for you, and me. You cried every waking moment 😦 You also don’t like sleep, apparently. You have been getting up every two hours at night and it is leaving me tired at 6 a.m. when brother gets up, even when I go to bed at 9 p.m. I can’t seem to let you cry it out for very long. Dang you and your sweet adorable face.




My sweet Jams,
You are a joy. Pure, simple joy. You are as sweet as can be and make my days brighter each time I walk into your room once you’ve started stirring and find the brightest smile and hear the inhale of your giggle once you spot me.
You are so incredibly happy. It is only when your tummy hurts or you are sleepy and hungry that you cry. I think this is one of my favorite ages. You are not old enough to manipulate and hold this wonderful innocence that makes me want to move mountains for you.
My favorite times are when we sit down and nurse. It has allowed me to take time to rest and focus and slow down. You cozy in and rest your tiny hand on my chest and knead every so softly. The fact that my body has made and, now, nourished you into this child with wonderful soft chub is unfathomable to my mind. God, thank You.
You are bashful. When you’re done nursing, you’ll peer up and me and then smile as you turn your head into my arm pit and then look at me again with one eye. Your curly eye lashes and crazy hair… you’re wonderful.
Maybe it is because you are my second baby, but I have just been able to enjoy you. Jack was a hard transition for me, from being responsible for myself to being a mom. And maybe I have been able to lose myself more and give more of me to you boys this time around. I am just completely in awe of my affection for both of you. People ooh and aww over you when we go out and I just think, “Yep, I know how stinking cute they are. I get to stare at them all day long.”