5 & 6 months of James

by ericakingston


height & weight
26.5″ and 19 pounds. Long and (pretty) lean. Just perfect.

diapers & clothes
Size three. Will be for a while. And anywhere from 6 to 12 months in clothes. You have a skinny waist. But I just bought a bundle of white onesie tanks that I’m assuming you’ll live in this summer. And these red striped swimming briefs that are going to be game stoppers. Trying them out Friday at Jack’s birthday 🙂

these month’s firsts

A lot has happened in these two months! Starting with finding your toes and loving them. Then talking and squealing (like a little girl, frankly 🙂 ). You rolled over onto your stomach for the first time at Sheila’s and her, Linds, Jennifer and I were watching and we were just rooting you on while you squeezed and tried and then finally flipped and we all cheered for you! And that scared the bejesus out of you and you just started to bawl, haha! Quite the spectacle. Just a few days ago you started to sit up all by yourself and it’s been so wonderful. You sit for long periods of time and play by yourself and with your brother. This is such a great age. And we cut your long mohawk-like hair for the first time! Grandma Shelly thought it was getting straggly, so we snipped the way ends off.

you like

Your mama. Oh, do you love your mama. But your brother is by far you favorite person. And my heart aches at the sight of you boys playing. You love trucks, from an early age you are such a boy. You like other kids and crinkle books and big water bottles. And you seemed to enjoy avocado as your first food, but don’t care for oatmeal. That’s all the food you’ve had so far. Joyce did let you suck on a pickle and you didn’t seem to mind that either.

you don’t like

Having a stuffy nose. Who does? Being on the bottom of a blanket mountain, thanks to your brother. This has happened multiple times. Other than that, you’re a pretty chill baby. Easy going. I hope you continue to be.


You have little dry patches of skin in various spots. Knees, arm, back, stomach. The doctor says it’s baby eczema. Up until the avocado and oatmeal, you have been solely breast fead. And I’m oh so proud that you are big and chunky and that I am nourishing you adequately. It is my joy. And I’m already sad to think that this season of our lives together will end.



My sweet baby Jammy,

I cannot tell you enough how much of a pure joy you are. You have a quiet spirit. And I can already tell that I will be able to relate to you more than your brother throughout our lives. You have this wispy wild hair that reminds me of my own dads. Oh would your grandpa love you and your brother. To the absolute end of the earth. What I wouldn’t give…

You have these dimples and cheeks and gummy smile. And those eyes. Perfectly found and the deepest blue.

Being your mom (and your brothers) is just the pride of my life. I cannot believe I was chosen for this.

I love you so, so ever much, sweaty.