One year of James

by ericakingston








height & weight

You don’t have your one year appointment until Nov. 5, so we will find that out then.
Just recently you have filled your little tummy out. Probably because you’re an awesome real food eater.

diapers & clothes
Size 4
Mostly right around 12 months for clothes.



the past months firsts
Oh, baby, what haven’t you done lately!? In the past two months, you have been teething hard, with just the last two weeks of some relief. They all seemed to come relatively at once. Now you have four on top and four on bottom. Your top middle two are such big chompers, I am still not used to seeing them when you smile. But, oh, do they make your sweet smile that much more sweet.
You took two small, quick steps on October 8. You’re pushing you little airplane toy all around and can walk behind anything, but just aren’t too eager to walk just yet. Jack likes to pull the kitchen chair around the floor with you pushing behind it. He says, “Baby walk!”
I swear you are saying a few words! I’m not crazy, either. Grandma Shelly heard them too. So far you can say mama and dada on command. You also have said juice, kitty and cheese. I swear. You’re a tiny genius.
I left you for a whole 26 hours at the beginning of September when your daddy and I went to Denver. You stayed with grandma Judy and did just fine without me 🙂 I know you could probably be weaned now, but I’m not quite ready. Not just yet.


you like
Your brother. Man, is he the funniest guy to you.
Mama. Lately you’ve become a little mama’s boy. I’m not complaining about these shy neck snuggles when someone talks to you. I know this little season won’t last long, so for now I’ll hold you any time you’re needing me, babe.
You’re finally old enough to really, really love on your daddy. The past month or so you started following him around the house and being excited with your brother when dad comes home. You get in on the man wrestling in the house and crawl all over dad’s long legs. Dad loves it.
You also like food (any kind). And being outside. If Jack is out with you and you have a shovel or a truck, you boys are happy for quite a while. Until Jack dumps a shovel load of dirt on your head. Although, last night I watched him dump several piles of dirt on you as you boys both laughed and laughed.
You love baths and trucks and balloons. Daddy’s cup/straws. Playing with my hair dryer, opening and closing drawers. Climbing off and on the couch a million times in a row. Dancing! You even sing 🙂
Sleeping. By yourself. You’ve been easy to put down for a nap or bedtime your whole life. You may fuss me a few seconds, but then you’re out. At the farm this weekend I fell asleep with you in the middle of the night and you weren’t having it, thrashing and tossing around. I woke up enough to put you in your bed and you were out in a second. I would love to be able to take a nap snuggling my baby, but then again, we don’t get the opportunity to do so often. So for now I will praise you for your wonderful independent sleeping (thank you, thank you!) and linger a little longer when you fall asleep on me nursing.


you don’t like
This whole teething business. Avocado. Strangers, at the moment. Usually you are happy-go-lucky with anyone. Being hungry. Not much else to add here. You’re a content little kiddo.


Sweet baby James,
Happy first birthday, baby!!!
I’m a bit tearing writing this morning, much to my surprise. I am sitting on the couch at 6 a.m., surrounded by 17 balloons and a big farm John Deere tractor wrapped up, just waiting for you to wake up.
Sweet babe, I will say it again: you are such a joy. Minus all of this teething business, you are a happy, smiley, loving little guy.
This past year has truly been the best of my life. Sure, you boys drive mama C R A Z Y some days. That includes your dad 🙂 But this mama (as well as simultaneously wife) thing has finally smoothed itself seamlessly into my being and is now simply who I am. And last night after your bath you escaped my attempts at diapering you and you crawled around the house in all your naked baby glory while Jack laughed and yelled, “Baby butt!” and I pinched your sweet, tiny, soft baby bootie and tickled your “chicken gizzard” and you were being the silliest little monster with your messy hair and toothy grin and it was the happiest 20 minutes I have ever had!
It is so neat to see the difference in innate personalities in two small boys raised in the same house. You are calm. You don’t get riled up easily and you take things as they come. Everyone says you look just like me, and I love it.
You have the best face. I’m serious. Your lips puff out when you fall asleep in the car and form into the craziest smile when you’re being silly. You roll your eyes when we play by looking up and to the corner when we play. You tilt your head down and form your lips into a tiny “o” and pear up at someone who makes you shy. You scrunch your nose up when you smile really big.
I feel so much incredible guilt that these monthly updates were not monthly and so many months passed in between them. I am sorry. It is not because you are not important in my eyes. It is just that my time has been spent in more useful ways lately. (And because I’m a bit lazy 😦 I do apologize.
But here we are, babe. One whole year old and you’re the cutest one year old in this house 🙂 And I think I hear you waking up now. Can’t wait to see how excited you are at all the balloons!
I love you so, so much!

4 weeks