Hi there.

My name is Erica Elizabeth Kingston.

I was born and raised barefoot and fearing God on a North Dakota farm where I enjoyed working cattle and playing football in the yard with my dad and sister. My mama taught me how to bargain shop, and do it well.

I went to school in the rural town of Gackle, N.D. My class of 11 students and I were family since day one in kindergarten. I graduated in 2007 and moved to Fargo, N.D., to go to school at Minnesota State University of Moorhead where I graduated in 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in Print Journalism and a minor women’s studies.

My dad, my favorite person in the world, died in 2009, suddenly and unexpectedly. Life stopped and changed. I learned to grieve, and continue to.

Then I happened to meet a stoic, quiet man while home for the weekend. Phone numbers were exchanged, a few dates happened and I was quite smitten. We were engaged 10 months later.

We were married by his uncle during a snow storm on March 12, 2011 in a beautiful church. It was the most perfect, happy day of my life.

I worked as a journalist at a small town newspaper when we moved into our first home in Washburn, N.D.

Then we became pregnant, and it was an interesting and amazing journey. (You can read about my pregnancy and our baby’s first few months here.)

And now I am a traveling wife and mama to the men of my house. (about my men)

These are my day-to-day anecdotes. They are tales of my baby, hopes for our future, laments for my dad, stories of marriage.

I’m writing for myself and for our family to remember 20 years from now who we were.

Enjoy, be kind, and find yourself in these words.