Pregnancy #2: 31 weeks

by ericakingston

photo 3

How far along: 

31 weeks

Total weight gain: 

24 lbs


It’s getting pretty crappy. It’s just finding a comfortable position… and the past week, my legs have been so restless that it takes forever just to get over that.

Best moment this week:

Last week I had another ultrasound (my fluid is a little high and my belly measures big). I got to see my baby yawn and frown and practice breathing. And the tech printed off 5 great 3-D pictures for me 🙂 It’s amazing to see that a little thing is in there (and a little unnerving to think that he is stuck in such a small, confined space – I had a weird panic about that the other day, haha!)

What I miss:

Sleeping well. Sitting comfortable. Not feeling like my belly is bursting at the seams.


The little lumps that show up and move across my stomach have started! It’s the neatest thing. I can feel him pushing at my top right ribs and my lower left abdomen at the same time 🙂

Food cravings:

Water. I am so, so thirsty.

Making me queasy:

Nothing. I eat like a horse. It’s disgusting.

Starting to show:

I’m “4 over” in my belly measurement. Whatever that means. Basically, I’m huge and larger than people should be at this time. Which is just so wonderful because there is 2 months left of this mess (beautiful, lovely, wonderful mess I mean, of course 😛 )



Happy or moody:

Pretty happy

Things I’ve been experiencing this lately:

Heartburn (Zantec is pretty great), breathlessness, slowed mobility.

What I’m looking forward to:

Cooler weather. We may be hermits in this 90+ degree weather. I melt in that stuff.

What I’m nervous for:

Giving Jack as much attention as he needs and wants and as much as I long to give him when baby comes. I’ve been having some anxiety about that lately, but I know a million women have done this before and they and their children have come out alive. So I’m trying to anticipate this next season in our home and transition into it smoothly.
I’m also nervous about the nighttime feedings starting up again. That was the hardest transition for me last time. There will be lots of praying and pleading on my knees!

photo 2

photo 1

I don’t normally take this kind of picture. But I had sent this to a friend and figured why not, since I have it. Fake smiles and all.